Some have called Credible Customers “a consulting practice” and that isn’t a bad definition, but it’s not entirely accurate either. While the original vision was “to help companies learn to leverage their happy customers as their best marketing asset,” early market research revealed that some companies wanted the video services (interviewing, shooting, editing) offered independently of the more strategic training. So, we’re flexible.

There certainly are a lot of video production companies, marketing agencies and individual marketing coaches around – and they tend to look at clients as annuities; trying hard to book project after project or retainer-based services. We do it a bit differently, embracing the “teach a man to fish, and he’ll eat forever” philosophy. That said, not everybody has the time or inclination to learn to become a great fisherman. We get it – and we’ll do our best to help, whether that’s providing the video services for you or equipping you with the tools and knowledge to do it yourself.

Meet The Founder


Credible Customers was started by David Peltz, a highly experienced marketing executive who spent the first part of his career writing, producing and directing television commercials, infomercials and programs for corporations. He saw the Internet coming about a year before most ever heard the term and became one of those early “experts” – meaning he had a thimble full of knowledge when most had none. He held several VP/GM-level positions in the ad agency, dot-com and digital agency spaces and on the corporate side as well, most recently as head of marketing for software-as-a-service company Frontline Technologies.

David loves mentoring – probably more than anything else. He’s also very hands-on and can be considered a senior practitioner as well. His passion (and it is truly a passion) for helping people to see the value of utilizing their customers as key marketing assets drove much of his and his team’s efforts at Frontline Technologies – and he wanted to take that further – and so he created Credible Customers.

Our Network

Credible Customers has a great number of resources at its disposal – and at our clients’ disposal. Our network of associated individuals and companies can fulfill a variety of tactical needs as they come. From transcriptionists, writers and designers to inbound and full-service marketing agencies – and both Hubspot and Salesforce developers. We’ll bring clients and resources together and get out of the way as client needs dictate.