Jonathan Pavoni

President, Spoke Services

“One of the things that I appreciate about Credible Customers is that their philosophy aligns with the way that people buy today. People are looking to blogs, to social media and to friends, family & peers for what their experience has been with products and companies.”

Larry Cone

Managing Director, Kitepipe

“It isn’t easy to elicit from customers, succinct yet credible statements about why they love your product. David’s really good at getting people to talk about their passion – and getting it show through. And he’s equally good at teaching others how to do it.”

Dyke Habegger

Creative Director, Frontline Technologies

“We were throwing a lot of tactics up against the wall and we thought a lot of them were good ideas, but we honestlyly didn’t really know – and we had no good underlying strategy for what we were doing. When David came, that changed.”

Dani O’Shaughnessey

Director of Sales, Frontline Technologies

“When he first arrived in 2009, at his request, David and I locked ourselves in a room for several days so that he could really learn about our business. When we came out we had a clear vision of the strategy we needed – to change the conversation about us in the market. We followed that strategy for several years and it really paid off with significant sales growth and increased market share.”

Herb Cohen

CEO, Executive Leaders Radio

“I’ve watched how people in my organization are more comfortable purchasing a product or service when they can see that others like themselves have been successful with it. I think that the CEOs I know (and their teams) will readily see the value of what Credible Customers is offering – and by learning to do it themselsves, they’ll drive down costs to almost nothing. It’s easy to see the value of this investment.”

Allison Wert

Content Marketing Manager, Frontline Technologies

“David came to Frontline when our marketing team was small and lacking the direction and vision that comes from having an experienced Director of Marketing in place. David quickly learned our market and products and effectively led the team in rolling out a marketing strategy based on leveraging our customers as our greatest asset.”

Dyke Habegger

Director of Sales, Frontline Technologies

The one thing David loved as much as aligning effective tactics to a customer-focused strategy was his people. He proved to be a strong and devoted mentor committed to the growth and success of his team. As much as we valued David’s leadership, he had the humility and foresight to also push us to be strong leaders ourselves, and his legacy is a powerful, focused team ready to propel future company growth.”

Jon Pope

Sr. Graphic Designer, Frontline Technologies

“Few people have the opportunity to work under someone who knows how to coach and develop the skills of a team, but David did just that. Because of the care, mentoring, and knowledge he gave to our team, he quickly became one of the most influential bosses in my career. David is someone who cares about the people he works with and knows how to lead and develop an effective team.”

Alan Sharavsky

President, Sharavsky Communications

“There’s a reason I’ve worked with David so often over the years. His skill set is remarkably broad and deep. The marketing engine behind the growth of numerous successful companies, David makes things happen. He’s a natural leader and communicator, with particular expertise in all things digital and video related. He’s an ideal partner for businesses looking expand rapidly in today’s content rich environment.”